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d-series cabinets The same Design, the same sound, the same passion, built in the uk.


EDEN are excited to announce that we are now building our D-Series cabinets in the UK.
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Production of our professional D-Series cabinets will be moving in order to take advantage of the exceptional facilities and expertise that we have at our own facility in the UK. This decision will improve the distribution and the availability of Eden cabinets across the world.


The most important part of this process is that we are keeping the sound of the cabinets the same. We are not changing the defining characteristics of the crisp, clean D-Series cabinets we know and love.

  • We are still using the super-efficient, Eden-designed speakers that Eminence manufacture for us in Kentucky.
  • The only differences to the outside are new, improved handles on all of the XST cabinet models and new heavy duty wheels on D810XTs and D610XSTs.
  • Inside we have kept everything the same, with some slight improvements in the cabinet jointing processes, to make the cabinets more rigid.


For more information on our new UK-made cabinets please email info@edenamps.com