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EDEN Warranty


Eden products have a warranty for a minimum period of 1 year however, the warranty on your Eden product may vary depending on the country in which you reside. This is because to improve customer service and direct support the warranty offered to you as a customer is handled through your Eden distributor.

If you have any questions regarding your warranty please contact either the store you bought the product from or the distributor in your region who can be contacted from this website.


Please remember that proof of purchase may be required in order to obtain parts or service under warranty and that products purchased from a country outside of where you reside will need to be returned to the country in which they were purchased in order to obtain warranty repairs. Where proof of purchase cannot be provided the date of manufacture may be used to validate a claim.



Eden manufactures and quality checks its amplifiers to ensure the highest possible product standards. We expect you to be happy with your Eden product and enjoy years of exceptional performance however if something should go wrong we also want to provide you with every reasonable support possible to get your product working and performing properly.



Tubes occasionally may fail and are also more susceptible to shipping damage.  In order to ensure your product leaves the factory in full working condition we test the tubes we use, and also test our amplifiers with signal before they are packaged. We also use high standard packaging to greatly reduce the chance of damage when the product is sent to you.

Tubes in Eden products and after-market tube parts are limited to a maximum of 90 Days warranty in all regions.



Foot pedals, Effect pedals and Micro Amplifiers are all limited to a maximum of 1 year warranty in all regions.



Eden’s speakers are tested and rated to provide optimum power handling and reliability. Failures with speakers, their cones and coils and of tweeters generally occur within the first few uses if at all. The most common failure of speakers is use of a cabinet with insufficient power handling capabilities causing over exertion of the speaker cone, creasing of the cone material and in some cases burning of the speakers coil.

Every Speaker is fully tested when it is manufactured and in addition played with signal before it leaves the manufacturing facility where it is installed into the cabinet.

Warranty on speakers is limited to 90 days in all regions. Speakers showing signs of over exertion are not covered by warranty.



Bags, covers and accessory products are supplied without warranty.

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